Worse Deal?

  • Ben White for £50m

  • Harry Maguire for £80m

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White Saliba Gabriel back three anyone? thats the only future i see here for the young french CB .

Possibly in the future. In saying that, having 3 top young centre backs for 2 positions is hardly overkill as well with the amount of games played these days.


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I was listening to the Arsenal Vision podcast and they brought in a Brighton fan/analyst. He believes that White’s future will be in midfield. Now I know there’s this trope of any decent ball-playing CB the fans want him in midfield, but there is a compelling argument to say he is destined for midfield. The analyst highlighted this and he believes he will end up there. Also, Fabrizio says we are still interested in Tapsoba. A right-footed CB that would probably spell the end for Saliba's Arsenal career and White's career at CB.


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Two words: John Stone

His knees bend in the air like MJ. Ridiculous hops. We should have grabbed him when he was out of favor.
Were you not here last summer when we were linked with Stones and he was the only centre back worse than Holding which meant he was the worst centre back in the world, other golden takes at the time were Jorginho was useless.


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couldn’t take 5 mins to sign paperwork before he pissed off on lads holiday #1037, wenger would’ve sent someone out to wherever he’s at
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