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✍️ OFFICIAL Ben White

Worse Deal?

  • Ben White for £50m

  • Harry Maguire for £80m

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We play nothing like a Bielsa team, tho? They actually play football,

Im sure Arteat wants to play good football like most modern coaches but he is perhaps more pragmatic.
Bielsa while lauded for his ideology runs players into the ground and has not really achieved that much or managed a big club over a sustained period.

Is he an influential & highly lauded coach? Yes absolutely.
Does he win silverware?
Nah Mourinho negative as he is has won far more.

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That's, like, your opinion, man.
That's a great tattoo

You're not really the best judge of that:



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Since everyone is too scared to say it. White is a down grade on Luiz and a waste of £50 Million.

He’s not a better passer than Luiz but obviously had more pace. Is he better than holding? Defensively no, a little less talented but a much more progressive passer.

Will he be the best CB at the club? No. Gabriel and Mari are better than him. He does have much more pace than the rest though.

Were there better options available to us? Yes.
People will make excuses for him as he makes mistakes this season. I’m going to laugh so hard.
Wait wait. You have explanations and names for all the questions you're asking yourself except the last one. Name names that are available.


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I really like this signing since he will be a top player, and it's clear he's better than what we have for the style in which we want to play but he is still developing.

As the weeks go by this signing starts to look dodgy, no strong links to any other players in positions of need, ESR being 10 tells us where we are with that, if he doesn't do well and then a guy like Maddison kills it and so does Saliba we're going to look stupid.

Like the player, but if this 50M is our star signing then it's worrying.


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His shirt number may say something. Give him the 4 and then Saliba literally is on loan and has lost his shirt number.


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His ability on the ball will be useless with our gk’s. 5 games with leno and he’ll look shell shocked with the ball.
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