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✍️ OFFICIAL Ben White

Worse Deal?

  • Ben White for £50m

  • Harry Maguire for £80m

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Reeling from Laca & Kos nightmares

@BigPoppaPump try telling me Holding is better ffs.

BPP is a shell of the poster he used to be tbf.
Ben White slapping 60 yarders with one languid sweep of his foot while Holding would need a 10 yard full power run up to do the same thing.

Get back to the bench son.

This is just a small clip from years ago too, but that's a minor I didn't even know CBs hitting long balls was something that impressed people they been doing that since the 70s lmao. But neither of you know ball so I'm not surprised, you guys should learn from my posts instead of trying to antagonise me.
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Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful


Hope Ben White somehow shrinks to 5 foot tall after we sign him, just to annoy our fanbase.
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