Worse Deal?

  • Ben White for £50m

  • Harry Maguire for £80m

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Disagree, Gabriel is very good on ball and Holding isn't as bad on the ball as many make out. The most Imporant thing is in Holdini and Gabriel we have the mos tsolid defensive CB pairing we have had in many years. Whilst ours CMs have never been this bad.
I agree on Holding not being as bad as many make out. From Youtube viewings of White, he does seem to be a player who is far more comfortable inviting opposition press than Holding(And to a lesser extent Gabriel) though. For me, its not the long balls that will help us but this ability to invite press and get past the first line of press. This creates more space for the midfield to operate in IMO. Our CM`s anyways need to play much better than they did last season.

Andrew Cole Linighan

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This is probably a stupid way of looking at this. We signed Kieran Tierney for £25m? (Based on potential, question mark over injuries). Has been doing well at Arsenal.
Ben White valued at £50m? Looking at it based on the values, is he worth twice the value of Tierney? How much was Holding?


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:shivering: My boy Ben is coming home.
Give him a fair chance, dont beat him up with his price tag paired with hatred on the club and Edu/Arteta.

He's gonna have some mistakes once in a while just as well, but he's an Arsenal Wenger type of defender as good as it gets.
Might be up there as the best technical player with 2-3 other attacking players already.

It's NOT an Arteta thing to want someone like White, it is a Pep/Klopp/Poch/Bielsa/Nagelsmann whatever have you good manager that knows building up from the back is invaluable, if you want to dominate games, desire.

It's not my priority, we all know the poll and that a CM and creativity + a RB is the most pressing need in AM's eyes, but it's nothing I complain about.
As long as we get the biggest needs still fixed, it's gonna be a great signing that improves us and builds for longterm success.

Some anger with how slow we are again and not having a topclass CM/RB in for pre-season and fully ready to go on the first game of the season is well-deserved criticism though.
That's rubbish from Edu


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Saw an article talking about the big 6 central defensive partnerships for next season and who was best.

Dias Stones
VVD Konate
Kounde Rudiger
Maguire Varane
Gabriel White
Romero Rodon

Opinions everyone?
It's funny how nearly all of them are 2 right footed players but Arsenal so desperately needs a right/left partnership, I knew it didn't matter at all. Realistically out partnership next season is White/Holding.

Also don't Chelsea play 3 at the back?


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'Thick as thieves' :lol:

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