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✍️ OFFICIAL Ben White

Worse Deal?

  • Ben White for £50m

  • Harry Maguire for £80m

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he is John stones light. He doesnt have any great attributes outside of being good on the ball. He is not strong, quick or great in the air. He is the English Lindelof
In your opinion.


I don’t know if White is the right option, looks quite passive, but I do think a proper challenger to Holding is needed. Especially someone good on the ball. I think we really missed D. Luiz ability to spread the play quickly and get it into Pepe/Saka quickly when he was out injured. Holding/Gabriel is a very solid partnership but we could do with a proper challenger.

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first of all he is good Center back the fee is crazy i wouldn't pay more than 30M for him also that's mean over for Saliba. let's see how it will develop maybe we'll offer them Nektiah plus cash.


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It fits the bill with the PL experience card. Homegrown, if money isn't a problem this window then fair enough but if this is gonna be a main signing and we scrimp elsewhere it's a big no.

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i wouldn't be mad if they not rate Saliba but get back 30M we paid for him otherwise it's just stupid and unfair how his situation been handled.
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