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Benjamin White: £50m Right Back

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Think he got overexcited smashing the ball out for a corner after tracking back after a brilliant tackle. Felt unnecessary.

Other than that I thought he was fantastic.


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Sliding tackles look great when you win the ball, but you’ve got to get it to a teammate or put it out for a throw when you go in like that or you’re out of position, as that example showed.


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I have one issue with him. He can’t take a throw in quickly or even in normal time. Every throw in takes ages with him

I've always thought this but someone on Sky Sports mentioned we’re more careful with throw ins and have one of the lowest turnovers with it.


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I've always thought this but someone on Sky Sports mentioned we’re more careful with throw ins and have one of the lowest turnovers with it.
Every detail matters for Mikel and coaching staff. Obviously they've worked on the throw ins as well and wait for some sort of opening before taking them.

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White is brilliant but England are ridiculously stacked at RB tbf.

He’s more of a CB in Southgate’s system, and probably won’t break into the England setup permanently unless/until he starts playing there.

Thankfully for us, I don’t think White cares.


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He doesn’t care because he knows he will be in the England squad when it matters, be it with or without Southgate.

No way you keep a player of that caliber out of a championship without looking like a clown. Don’t think Saka would be particularly happy about it either, and he’s already Englands best player by some distance


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Zaha is hard to deal with, and is the type of winger he struggles with, but to be fair, he did a number on the cheating **** today. Love the guy

Yeah White more or less controlled Zaha in the away match and had him under control for the majority of the home match too. Think people aren't giving Zaha enough credit personally, he's Palace's main threat and has caused havoc against plenty of RBs.

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