Benjamin White: I'm Sorry He Cost £50m


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The more games he gets the more he will keep improving. When available I hope to see that back 5 till the end of the season.


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He has been better in every game since. I'm not calling him world class after this 1 game though.
He's also made mistakes in every match. Could have given away a penalty today, questionable position for Son's goal. His passing is decent and it was better today as was everyone's. He still doesn't look like the kind of defender you want to rely on. He didn't pocket Kane or anything to that effect. He was pretty competent against a sulking, disinterested player but to be fair that is an improvement for him.

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So 4 games 3 with Gabriel and Tomi 3 wins 1 goal conceded not bad start better than Varane at Utd. These still few aspects he need to improve but he is calm and quality CB really not bothered about the fee it's not his fault his former team value him 15- 20m more than his actual value.


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Everyone calling out Batman but he should have conceded a penalty if the refs were doing their job today. Calma
Even if that's true--not sure it is, it looked a bit like Kane dived--Batman's opinions about White in this thread have been some of the most hilariously bad ones I've seen on this forum this summer. And with this being the Summer of Foam at the Mouth that is a pretty high bar for hilariousness that he has met and surpassed.

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