Benjamin White: I'm Sorry He Cost What? £50m!!!?


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A very good game, his performances have improved dramatically from his poor peformances at the start of season.


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The tan on him is something else :lol:

Consistently good this season. We have a modern ball playing CB with Love Island pedigree on our hands. Absolute bargain.


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If Saliba comes back we've got 3 very good CB's. All three of them with the potential to be excellent.

White is still a work in progress but I think he got a bit of a tough ride initially, based on the fee paid.

Bar his first few games he's been very good.

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Him and Gabriel were bit shaky and slow with ball. White got away with 2 bad mistakes they both need to forget today performance the win helped to not get noticed but they vital for team they need to be in top for us to get top 4 finish.

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