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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Gazza Martinez, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

  2. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    hmmm, didnt do much against palace. lets hope he is like reyes who raises his game for the big games.
  3. Anders Limpar

    Anders Limpar New Member

    A cocky one for sure, haha...

    ...Pennant, Taylor, Reyes, v. Persie and Bentley...the future looks bright and arrogant...I suddenly understand why Wenger won't play the youngsters as soon as they (and the fans) want. The team spirit the made us invincible last season needs maturity as a corner stone in the squad. Confidence is necessary to be able to break into the team but confidence can easily become arrogance when maturity is lacking. And on the other hand, journalists has the ability to make things look like something else...

    Go on and make us proud boy and grow up a bit under way!
  4. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    I heard a norwich fan on fivelive saying he was disapointed with Bentley after palace game, said he's obviously talented and excellent at set pieces, but didn't track back or get stuck in enough.

    I think that is a pretty good analysis of where bentley is right now.

    I expect him to produce the goods for norwich and develop the physical and defensive side of his game and then comeback next season ready to fit into the first team.
  5. nnaife

    nnaife New Member

    Lol he seems to have a big head with an ego to match. That ****e performance against lowly palace would do jackshit to keep Norwich in the premiership. Lol his audacity to assume that his teammates and manager (norwich) have no chance of staying up without "me SuperBentley" total cracks me up.

    He's under the microscope from wenger who will be watching every game like a hawk, whether norwich survive is irrelevant, its how Bentley develops as a player and professional thats the real issue.

    I really want Bentley to make the grade but that also means having a change in attitude which shows a little more respect for your team colleagues.

    Still Bentley's words could have been twisted by the interviewer taking advantage of his inexperience to make come across as being arrogant you know what these press creeps are like. :wink:
  6. Isragooner

    Isragooner New Member

    i really don't like him.but if he is still on wenger's plans,he must be something Special.
  7. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    the greatest players have an arrogance about them, but bentley will need to learn to expose it only on the pitch. take henry for instance. he is a very arrogant person, and he expresses that through his football. some of the audacious goals he scores are borne from that arrogance. however, notice when he does interviews, he tries to display as much modesty as is possible deflecting praise towards his team-mates or just ignoring them. i remember once claire tomlinson on sky asked him something like 'do you know how good you'v become' after single-handedly demolishing leeds, his reply was 'i dont know, and i dont wanna know'. classic thierry.
  8. nosneb

    nosneb New Member

    i feel the same way as nnaife.. couldnt have said it better myself!
  9. Sigun

    Sigun New Member

    "If the team stays in the Premiership then a lot of that will probably be down to me,"

    this must have been twisted, he cant be dumb enough to say summink like that...i mean he's hardly ganna be a favorite in the dressing room.
  10. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

    i remember when norwich came to malaysia,
    the crowd (including me) were just shouting his name,
    just his name! (yeah, probably because norwich players not that well known)
    he looked kinda cool but "lonely"
    it's like, he doesn't really mixed up with other players that much
    i've got myself a video to proof but oh well i just don't know how to share it with you guys

    i'm not sure wether he thinks he's too good to mix with others or the others who thinks he's "arrogant" thefore they didn't mix well with him
    but it was that night, don't know the current situation of him and his new teammates

    imho, if he really says so, he's very confident and i would love to see he lets his football do the talking, really. all the best bentley!
  11. Hatton

    Hatton New Member

    i went to school with Bentley and all the other youth players. sat next to him. he was arogant but a good bloke.
  12. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

    haha, are you serious?
  13. Hatton

    Hatton New Member

    yeah i am, i now live in Norwich and i saw him with his bird. no joke! i didnt speak to him though, i was driving!
  14. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Looks like your whole personality changed juz7_pi12es. You've dropped the smilies and started posting your opinions. Nice to hear them. Keep it up.
  15. nnaife

    nnaife New Member

    Ok so he's arogant its not the biggest crime but he could surely give us all a boost right now at united COME ON Bentley show those united chumps your true talent!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  16. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    I agree with you there man. Bently always had that arrognce, but lets hope he does a Toure, or Reyes. Those are soe examples he should follow.
  17. MightyArsenal

    MightyArsenal New Member

    What did everyone think about his performance today? If he had scored that beauty I think norwich could have won....that would have been a dream. Alas it was not to be, but the guy has got a sweet right foot.
  18. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    I'd really prefer to see him in the middle. He's lost out wing for me. He is a potential great dictator from central, whilst merely good out wide. He just hasn't got the turn of pace needed to take a player on outside, and having to cut in to show his vision doesn't suit him as it delays the move - when you have that vision you want to play the early ball straight away from the middle, and not have to dribble to get into position, or rely on a crap Norwich midfield to play their way through. They won't do that. He has to be central of everything they do, but Worthington hasn't got the balls to put him where it matters as he is young.

    I would like to know his reasonings as to why he believes he is a winger. He only plays on the wing at Arsenal and U21's at times because there are more established players ahead of him. At Norwich - he should really partner Huckerby to utilize Huckerby's pace.

    And another thing - Bentley cannot tackle, or defend; even though he works hard at it. It's not naturally there
  19. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    i think he looked for the killer ball too often. at times i felt he could have instigated ball possesion for his team better. i'v seen him twice now, and i dont think norwich is a team that will allow us to see the best of him.
  20. Sol man

    Sol man New Member

    I personally think he tries to be too flashy when he could do things the easy way. I am really starting to have doubts about him.

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