Bernd Leno: 2019/20 Performances

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"Listen mate, in a few years I will be starting for The Arsenal...while your injuries will mean you will be getting benched at West Ham, by ****ing Mark Noble"


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How Hart ffs.

How many times will we let our fingers be burnt by signing our rivals players (or ex players) who are clearly bums to stink out the place?

Maybe you're joking. Can't tell the difference tbh
I don’t know, just throwing names out. We don’t have a big budget, and we just need someone for 1 season.


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Couldn’t find I'm too lazy to look for myself, any news on Leno’s injury. We all expect it to be an ACL injury but it would be good to know exactly what the damage is.

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To me the injury looked really harsh. Like ACL+meniscus and possibly other damage. Afraid this will take a very long time.

Seems typical Arsenal to lose one of the only bright spots in a terrible squad to a year long injury.

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I'm not his biggest fan but the injury is a real shame. I believe he signed on a four year contract so if its as bad as we think, he won't he fit until he's entering his last 18 months to year. Here we go again. We can barely take a risk on any player who has suffered a bad injury, so we need to be careful. No more loan stop gaps. The hunt for a number 1 quality GK begins now imo.

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That's superb news if accurate. **** this season it means that we won't be bringing in some ***.
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