Bernd Leno: Chosen One


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He's a proper underrated player for us now, tbh.

Emi was very good for us last year, and also for Villa this year...but pundits/fans seem to think Leno is Almunia level for some reason, he's a very good goalkeeper.

Not even just this season, he was probably our best player in 2018/2019 under Emery...while when he got injured last season, everyone thought we were ****ed, as he had been one of our rare consistent players then too.


Leno is a decent player, but Emi is world class.

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Are people only discovering now people on the internet are nasty or what? Never seen this much whining about trolls before.

Yeah trolls are pretty much as old as the internet itself. Would like to think there are more of them now but there are more people on these platforms now too.

Was watching an interview the other day with a woman in her 20's. She was talking how she got mercilessly trolled when she was just 13 years old after she put a music video on YouTube (if you search for Rebecca Black Friday you will see what I mean). This was about 10 years ago.


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This thread is funny, Martinez has an absolute stinker the week before but everyone is nice and loud this week.

They're both good keepers, we couldnt keep both. People complaining just want something to complain about. Its really not that deep.

It's just such a non-story.

We had two high-end PL keepers. They are the same age. We couldn't keep both. We sold the one who was less established in the team for a solid fee.

Both have since played at a roughly equal level. Both are very good. Nothing to see here. Move on.


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Continued his good form last night. Recently we've seen bad mistakes by keepers at Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Sp**s. Leno doesn't seem prone to these bad mistakes, he's a really reliable keeper, I'm glad he's here.

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Nothing he could do about Leicester's goal but immediately afterwards, he almost passed to a Leicester player. He also palmed a long range shot in to a danger area that the on rushing Leicester player missed. He didn't have much to do but had those shaky moments.


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Why don't our gk and gk coach never work together properly
If this is true the club is a shambles. And it's incredibly unfair. Mikel seeming more and more like a dictator. And I don't even mind him. How can you get sacked, essentially, because a player asked you for help.

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