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This I agree with, his heart does not seem in it anymore since last season. That wolves game when he got sent off was like he could not be bothered anymore. Yes our defence does not help itself but I still think he can do better with some of the goals this season and last. He likes to pull off the Hollywood saves when we are 4 nil down , not at nil nil or 1 down.

Seems arrogant as well.

Again, that was another problem he reportedly had at Leverkusen, can pull off absolute worldies when it comes to difficult saves but then will concede a goal or make a mistake that would be deemed a standard run of the mill save.

He just appears to be mentally weak as a footballer, ie motivation, concentration, composure etc

Reminds me of David James, could be world class 89mins but 1min destroyed everything.

Wouldnt surprise me if Leno is a solid GK at like 35 or something when he mentally matures in football.

I'm convinced the best thing for Leno's career is to knock up his missus and have kids!


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He said that afterwards. It only took Ramsdale a couple of games to dislodge him from the team, pretty sure Emi could've done likewise had he stuck around.

Yes I'm sure he could have. If only Villa hadn't come in for him he would still be here now, as No1. I like the look of Ramsdale, its early days but getting familiar with White & Gabriel will help the whole defence settle.


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If Leno leaves our backups would be Karl Hein and Arthur Okonkwo. They're both young, but have a lot of quality.

Hein is already Estonia's #1, so he's gaining a lot of experience at a high level. Okonkwo appears to slightly ahead of Hein in the GK pecking order, but they're at about the same level. Right now Hein and Okonkwo are fighting to be the third choice GK. Hein is on the bench against Wimbledon, so he might be ahead of Okonkwo now.

If these two get half a season of experience with the first team this year, they could be ready to backup Ramsdale if Leno leaves. My guess is that Arteta is banking on these two to develop a lot over the next couple of months if we're going to let Leno leave.


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Leno is on great wage, aint no team in germany who can afford his wages except Bayern and I dont see them wanting him. I also dont see him leaving money on the table. I can see him beimng loaned out in his last year so someone can cover his wages

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I'm not against letting Bernd leave in principle. He's a good keeper but he does seem to have mentally checked out a bit.

Ramsdale has looked fairly impressive so far in the handful of games he's played but what if he goes through a dip in form, which he probably will at some stage?

I hope we bring in a Ben Foster type experienced keeper as back up if Leno does leave. Can't have a goalkeeping core all in their early twenties / teens.


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Leno has contract until 2023.

Onana's ban has ended in January. Also Johnstone has 6 months left then, so they might want some money for him.


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He said that afterwards. It only took Ramsdale a couple of games to dislodge him from the team, pretty sure Emi could've done likewise had he stuck around.
Your Martinez hate is blinding you lol Ramsdale only became a thing because Leno isn't signing a new contract. He'd still be undisputed number 1 if he wasn't trying to leave,

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