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✍️ OFFICIAL Bernd Leno (Out)

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Fulham is a good move for him. He will get lots of action, look decent and when they get relegated some other bottom feeding club will want him.

Maybe Villa since they've a thing for *** keepers.


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Leona is not wc level but he is quality, hard to believe that it is so difficult to sell him....

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Leno,Pepe & Lucas T came in at around120m+? not too long ago.
3 more signings that are all gonna be big Ls financially.
Objectively All at their peak & decent players but the way the market has tanked outside the prem we will be lucky to get much more than a quarter of that outlay back now.

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Leno seem the most serious to go out of door. Guess why because we dealing with PL club and not with some broke Italian club

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Disagree, Ramsdale is clearly better. However, Leno is still an excellent keeper and should go to a good club.
Clearly? I think Leno is better on the line but Ramsdale is much better with his foot/distribution. Leno was always great for us.

If both are interessted I am sure we'll find a deal for Leno to move to Fullham
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