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Don't know about this lads, sounds a lot like when we were in for Cebolinha when he was at Grêmio... Guess we'll see how it develops.


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From Reddit apparently:


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Unknown at 23. That’s a red flag. Players who show promise in Brazil get picked up quick. Honestly his highlights reminds me of Marquinhos. Nothing impressive

Somewhat true. This smells of BS agent talk.


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Squaddie or loanee?

Obviously haven't seen him play but would be pretty underwhelmed if he is our RW backup signing, I was thinking Diaby, Kudus, or Chukwueze. Let's see though, can't write him off.


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Doesn't seem like a signing we'd make. Not good enough to be close to the first team and too old to sign and loan out for a season or two.

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