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Bruno Guimarães

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You get the feeling that the players that are on the move have sounded out their prospective clubs.

For me, Paqueta is a more exciting player, but it's deceptively quiet. You'd think he's City bound.

He was practically done in the summer before the charges came to light. So they'll have everything agreed as soon as his investigation/ban is over. He could still have a sizable ban incoming ofcourse


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Everything he’s saying and doing suggests he wants to stay at Newcastle.


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That your estimation of player level, or current market values, might not be the most accurate & might need adjusting?
I think I am with the consensus. I was saying that our first bid was low and taking taking the piss, not that Rice isn’t worth the 65+15. And yeah I still don’t think Rice is a top top player. He’s he best in the world at recovering the ball and has great character but leaves a lot to be desired elsewhere, doesn’t he? Bellingham didn’t cost that much more than him.

And even worse, Bruno has no remarkable qualities at all. Good player but l’d be shocked if anyone pays the release clause. He’s 65-75 million in my mind but Newcastle won’t sell.


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Watching our game against Sp*rs today it makes me wonder how much a character like Bruno would add to our squad. He's obviously a good player, but he's also a pure ****head. He's someone who could lose his head, or he could instill a fear into opposition players like Romero when they act like c*nts that they'll get their head smacked in.

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If we go for Guimaraes, then I dont think we'll get another 8/10 profile. One of, or both Smith Rowe and Vieira would probably fill that role on our left side, particularly if Timber comes back. Timber is able to give us that width down our left side, allowing Martinelli/Trossard to tuck in on that left side and have a source of creativity from deep.

It also means to me that TP5 gets sent packing in the summer.

Guimaraes is a 6, but he can find players between the lines and be a situational 8 as well, like how Xhaka was for us in 22/23. Two further questions I have for Bruno are whether he can play as a lone six giving Rice a rest, and whether getting him kills any potential of getting Isak. I really want Isak.


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Newcastle ITK isn’t he pretty good? I mean, makes sense as we’re probably the only two who can afford him.

Mothball also suggesting he’s the main target. Wouldn’t be my first choice but he’s brilliant. Would also make sense with us keeping Jorginho and possibly Partey.
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