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Bruno plays too deep - I really don't want to see him or Rice further up the pitch. The only way this works in my mind is if we replace Ødegaard with a number 10 like a Jude / KdB who need the license to roam. Good player, just not what I think we need.

He can play anywhere, quite often for Newcastle he finds himself in the positions Ødegaard is in, threading through balls to the RW/Trippier. He’s dangerous in the final third.


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It be helluva ironic signing the guy that trolled you on his signing video when he signed for his current club.

He's defo a prick, but then if you sign him he'd at least be our prick!

What's not in doubt is he's a cracking player, that we all think should have been signed when he left Lyon, and many think he should have been signed when he left Brazil.


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One of The Athletics's Newcastle writers said his release clause wasn't active for PL clubs not to long ago.


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He is pretty good but we missed the boat for both him/Paqueta.

Could have gotten both for 100m and sorted our midfield but we were busy with Viera.


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Would be good sign, I think more for a mobile 6.. if Declan would be the LCM/DM hybrid. If for a pure LCM I think De Jong would be better. Btw I have no doubt these two are the best midfielders Arsenal can get, better than Luiz, Paqueta and way better than Zubimendi and others.

BG is by far Newcastle's best player tho: Newcastle_United 2023-2024 | Macro-Football


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None of the best Newcastle players will go imo.
Yup, I have a feeling they will get paid handsomely off the books. And probably some freebies in one of those mega projects. Very difficult to track.

Buying players is more difficult for them than retaining.


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Around £85m for Bruno G in today's market is a good deal IMO. Great player, proven he can do it in the league, versatile profile.

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