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Interesting! Curious question for you my friend; I was called a narcissist by a psychiatrist once, on the back of a 40 min session. Is that enough to figure that out in your experience? I’m not like manipulative and so and I don’t think it’d super obvious, but then I do have great self esteem :drool:
No that is not enough. It usually takes quite many sessions. But if you came to him on your own accord, then you have a benign nature of it if you have it. 🙂


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People laughed at me when i said Newcastle and Arsenal will compete for the same players soon.

Bet @field442 doesnt pop up with a meme now.

We wasn’t competing for him, you know, what with us not actually having lodged a bid or anything. I suppose they’re competing for the same players as Chelsea and Liverpool considering they tried to sign Carlos and Botman?


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These players really gonna play in the Championship next year?
Usually the best players have a release clause in case of relegation.

Newcastle is going all-in now, and if they relegate, they're in big trouble.

Other option is that they give humongous wages, so the players don't care if they drop for a year.


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I totally get what you and others are saying but sometimes there just isn't a backup option. What if they feel that none of the backup options are of the required standard or are overpriced.

I run my own business, sometimes I identify a piece of equipment that will improve my business but if I can't afford that or it is out of stock then I wait until I have the funds or that product or a comparable product is available. I don't just buy something for the sake of it knowing that it won't improve on what I already have.

And to expand on my earlier point, I had a clear plan for my business for this year but due to circumstances beyond my control I won't be able to carry out that plan for 12-18 months, that doesn't mean I haven't got a plan, my plan wasn't sound or am incompetent, sometimes **** just happens.
What u don’t go to America for bbq to ask for the funds? Outrageous.


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Weird stuff. I guess we weren't ready to go as high as Aulas demanded.

Also odd choice from Guimaraes, but I bet he got amazing wages etc.


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This transfer window has been abysmal after a reasonable one in the summer; our transfer windows are following the same pattern as our playing form.


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I don't get the Douglas Luis comparisons either. Villa are trying to offload Luis and have just signed a replacement basically. Guimaraes has been statistically one of the best DLP's in Europe for two years now. People will talk about Ligue Un and all that, but this is a major coup for Newcastle. Bad news for us (although I don't doubt we'll go for a top tier target when they finally get their sh*t together)
We are so scared to repeat mistakes in the market that we end up missing out on these players. For me we should’ve sold Xhaka and bought in Neves as the No 4 holding playmaker….then followed up with Guimaraes in Jan. A club of our stature should have a Partey, Neves and Guimaraes as squad options. This is the worst midfield I’ve ever seen at our club, it’s beyond a joke 🤦🏻‍♂️
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