Bukayo Saka: Little Chilli

Is Bukayo Saka...

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Should have either played him at LB, or moved to a back 3 formation with him a LWB, when Kieran went down.

Annoying part his Arteta knew he could play there, ffs...so may ****s up this season :lol:


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This young man is ridiculous - our main threat even though playing LB. It's a testament to his skill and potential but also to the sad state of our squad I guess. Anyways, nice to see him have a real good game again, he's had a bit of a down period after his injury.


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Was quite funny watching him in an insane amount of space - he looked surprised, I think there's such a thing as having too much space to think in football. Big brain defending that.


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I admit the reasons for not putting him at LB were perfectly reasonable, and the result showed in that magical 10 minutes against Slavia and with that awful dive vs Villareal.

The problem was still playing him way too much anyway


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@Trilly huge call...

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