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Bukayo Saka: PFA Young Player and England Player of the Year

Is Saka good at shooting?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Could do with some improvement

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Saka is the second best player in the league after KDB, and this season he's better.

If you could pick ANY player in the Premier league you would bet on to perform over 38 games, I'm taking Saka.

How about Haaland who has more than a goal a game in the league and the CL?


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How about Haaland who has more than a goal a game in the league and the CL?
I didn't forget him, but given the choice of either Saka or Haaland in my team I'd keep Saka. He's a very complete footballer. I think Haaland is a ridiculously elite striker, but his output will all depend on what service he gets. Saka goes in to any team and succeeds imo.


Would let Saka date his daughter

Saka's just a better player than Foden when you take out style points.

Foden's very good but I think he's plateaued a bit. Saka clear.
I would say I thought Foden had slightly more raw talent, but Saka has grown a lot as a player since early 2022, you could literally watch the progression, it's been incredible. Foden at this point is just slicker on the ball, don't see anything else he does better than Saka. Foden is also a big game player too, hopefully Southgate figures out how to utilize him better or maybe England just need a more innovative manager.


Would let Saka date his daughter

Such a good representative for Arsenal football club, both on and off the pitch. Clearly some parents and teachers that have contributed to good values there.
Good West African upbringing. The boy reads the good book before he goes to bed every night, and people wonder why he is blessed and highly favored.


Like I said: I replace your reality with my own !!
Do you understand what you read? Nicely picked quotes, not showing the full context. :lol:

I was saying that Saka is not as good as shooter as Martinelli, ESR or Ødegaard because I saw them as great shooters even at that age. Saka not as great, but close enough.

I have backed all of these players to be good contributors in scoring and assisting, and it has all come into fruition. ESR backing was before his 10 goal season.

Those messages were in defence of Saka being able to score, unlike many thought.

This was the full quote:
I wasn't worried, and said that ESR and Ødegaard have a great shot, so it's mostly a matter of time. And it was.

Now we just need Saka to have a bit more luck with his shots. He isn't as good shooter as those two, but he has good enough finishing potential.

This was the other discussion:
Don't get me wrong. I totally agree with you! He has a lot of potential, and I wish that he would improve his finishing every day. Gabi is not a concern because he is a natural striker, but Saka worries me a bit.
My reply:
If Saka worries you, I'm worried for you.

He has been a staple performer for ages, and is 20 years old.

He is not as good shooter as our other youngsters, but he is not bad.


Like I said: I replace your reality with my own !!
Main outcome here is that I’ve rated him for a pretty long time, just not to the level that most of A-M did which is obviously the same as hating him. :lol:
I never said you hated him, that's your imagination.

I laughed at you saying his ceiling is Bernardo Silva's goal-scoring level, when in fact like I showed, he was already at that level when you made the comment.

That's a really funny controversy when you have critiqued his shooting for some time. It's not deeper than that.

That's what I laughed at, and you have still not explained the issue.
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