Bukayo Saka: Red Hot


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Lacazette is the link but when ESR and Saka play they don’t play a lot of balls into Lacazette to form triangles. Ødegaard is capable of doing this but he and Lacazette are hardly on the pitch at the same time.

Our right side has suffered for years. The most production from that side came when Özil would play a through ball for Bellerin to run onto and then do a low cross or cut back for either Auba, Lacazette or Özil to tap in the net.

We don’t have that overlap or players doing the interplay on the right. Watching the football this season it doesn’t matter who plays the right (Saka, ESR, Pepe or Ødegaard) they all get double teamed and there is no overlap either. It’s clearly by design but the question must be asked is it worth it?
I think Saka is the only one that really benefits from this, imo. He can regularly beat a man without the help of a fullback unlike the other two. However, this will obviously have an effect on his G/A compared to whoever is on the left. As someone as mentioned above, historically we have always been a team that prefers attacking on the left. Even at the start of Arteta's reign we heavily favoured the left-hand side. I think with Saka there is at least someone you can give the ball to the right-hand side and know the ball is secure. So we attack more regularly using both sides than before.


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His end product from rw is really bad. Had 2-3 chances in his limited time today, took a lot of time to sort his feet out and wasted them. Like last week he is at his best (end product wise) from the left. At least for now. Maybe he'll get better at rw in the future.

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His end product from rw is really bad. Had 2-3 chances in his limited time today, took a lot of time to sort his feet out and wasted them. Like last week he is at his best (end product wise) from the left. At least for now. Maybe he'll get better at rw in the future.

2 great balls into him & he was was too far from the goal/caught on the back foot
A more natural striker like say a greenwood or an elite level player like Salah would have been 5 yards closer to goal as stated in commentary & if so we convert at least 1 of those 2 chances.
Its disappointing to lose but it was things like this & small margins such as Ronaldo impacting the game more than Auba that cost us the game.


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Of course he's getting stick for a couple of nothing balls that weren't even aimed at him.

You know the attacking tactics were piss poor when those kind of comments start to pop up


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Thought he played well today.

May be one of those things where he never really develops into a goal scorer but really can't fault anything else. Wouldn't mind if he tried going down the line and crossing on his right foot more often to keep the defender guessing rather than always cutting in as he's got the ability to do it.


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Too easy on the first goal, yes it's a prepared move (the only one we seem to know) but it was done perfectly

Our best player atm. It's telling how despite what he sacrifices to make sure Tomiyasu can get involved in our attacking moves and drift inside he keeps finding ways to be important and make the team play better. He deserves a manager that can actually transform in into a world class player.


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Really want him to improve his finishing how many goals he could have scored this season if he just place his shot better. The one hit post after our 3rd was really unlucky to be fair but him Ødegaard and ESR adding goals and us refreshing our striker option in summer it'll be fun to have multi attacking score goals


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He'll score more as he goes along. Very few players are real goalscorers at 20, particularly if that's not their primary remit. Even Messi wasn't a huge goalscorer until 21. Ronaldo didn't start scoring into double figures until 21. Fabregas and Ramsey closer to home. Pires, Overmars, Ljungberg had all scored less in professional football at the same age.


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He has really been immense these last few weeks. Looks like a seasoned pro. For large swathes of every single game, he seems to be the only real goal threat in the entire attack.


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Totally ruined masuaku.. But as always need to get better in final 3rd. Still gets an assist for 2nd goal though!


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One of his better games this season, just needs to get some consistency together and stop being so Patchy form wise.


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Difficult for him to score because we tend to build up through him and he’s often got a lot of players around him. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, he sucks players toward him and leaves his team mates in space. We build through him and finish with tiger atm. Love this boy, absolute quality.


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This was his best ever game imo, still room for improvement. Especially his passing and shooting, but looking good.


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He'll come good with end product, I'm used to watching the awful shooting technique of Iwobi for Christs sake, Saka has great technique he just second guesses himself a lot.

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