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Bukayo Saka: Red Hot

Is Saka good at shooting?

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140k is nothing he'll definitely sign that but his agent really not trusted even if saka signed the rumors won't die


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If I was his agent I’ll tell him to sign but with a CL clause. If Arsenal don’t get CL then a clause opens up that allows him to go to Liverpool, City, Utd or Chelsea.


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He’s just running and sweating in the sun tbh. Makes the muscles more pronounced especially with his skin tone.

The kid backs Twix and Nando’s, he’s not that serious.


....yay or nay, Macho?


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Love Saka, but that's going to far. That type of end product from Cristiano and Messi is just outrageous. Saka's gonna have a big season for sure. Can see him and Martinelli taking their game to another level this season playing next to Jesus.


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Now this is getting creepy.

I ignore it, but the only thing creepy is you've been on my nuts for a long time. Do we have a problem?


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Hi all. I don't post on here often but I wanted to share a perspective on Saka which is a little bit against the conventional view.

No doubt he's a wonder kid at Arsenal and he's done great to establish himself in the first team.

But a little part of me says that he will at some point hit a ceiling and not become "elite".

When I watch him play on the wing, I've rarely seem him beat the fullback near the byline. Usually when he gets the ball at the byline he passes it back inwards to the midfielder nearest to him back into the center of the pitch. It's essentially a dead end because the center of the pitch is packed.

What I want to see him more do is whip the ball into the goal from the byline or try to take on the full back who is in front of him. I've rarely seen him do that and seen so many attacks break down once saka gets the ball at the byline.

Take nothing away from him, he still gets goals and assists but my observation is that they're more tap ins, or being in the right place (e.g. his goal against sevilla yesterday was a good example of being in the right place to poke the ball in). That means he has exceptional off the ball movement and ability to be there at the right time

So all in all, I'm a bit confused about Saka. He definitely has great off the ball movement and positioning, but I don't see him particularly great at the "winger" role especially from the byline where many wingers spend their time.

Look at trent Alexander Arnold from the wing. He has an incredible ability to whip the ball in.

If saka develops that he'd become elite.


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He’s just running and sweating in the sun tbh. Makes the muscles more pronounced especially with his skin tone.

The kid backs Twix and Nando’s, he’s not that serious.
What’s wrong with you 🤣

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