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Bukayo Saka: Saka The Net

Is Saka a world class player?

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    Votes: 14 63.6%
  • Close, he’ll get there soon

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They are not as fervent as bukayo.

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the game against PSV is first game i felt Saka given more than 50% in a european game i always felt in europa he wouldn't care much and i'm sure the coaching staff tell him to not give all so won't affect his league form and may cause injury

also he was main of reason why we evolved and he got us back to CL and competing so him scoring first goal is great feat. he'll be great in this competition because clubs don't play deep block most of time.


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Aat least he's taking the role of the difference maker even when he's playing bad. He plays like **** though I think he needs a rest - and a lot of it.

Of course, that stupid Athletic article saying how Saka is super reliable now jinxed him.

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Our best player on the field today, easily. Hope his injury is not too serious. Along with other key players injured, we will be completely screwed if Saka is out too.


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At some point this season we're going to lose him because Arteta and Southgate don't have any common sense. He is clearly struggling. The fact that he's still able to have moments where he impacts the game does not change the obvious optics. His legs have looked heavy since the Sporting match last season. He's going to be burned out if he doesn't get a bit of time to try to sort out the Achilles issue or whatever is hampering him. This is a dangerous game that's being played and it's going to backfire.


Head of the Wayne foundation for benching Nketiah

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Wish he’d take more opportunities to go down the outside, it’s the only thing stopping him from being truly unstoppable.
He doesn't look fully fit. I don't think he's really got the beating of his man on the outside at present. Looks about 75% of himself in terms of pace and he wasn't really rapid to begin with.


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Takes a lot to score a penalty, will always appreciate that...but thought he was poor today.

Started well and got the fullback booked, then did nothing really bar the pen...needs to start really running at players again too...people have a go at Martinelli (harshly, imo) but whether it's AWB from Yanited or some useless don from Luton, he will constantly run at his fullback and at least try and beat him...sometimes Bukayo genuinely looks as if he is walking at his defender 😅

He might be injured, but don't want to always write off a poor game because of an injury rumour either...feel it's a bit of a cop out.


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Should have came off way earlier. Don't know what Arteta is thinking, but it was obvious Udogie had his number

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