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Bukayo Saka: Saka The Net

Is Saka a world class player?

  • Yes definitely

    Votes: 41 38.0%
  • Close, he’ll get there soon

    Votes: 54 50.0%
  • No no at all

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It took Saka facing it for people to realise, when it was happening to he who must not be named though…:lol:

Purposely didn't mention as it's in the past, but I pointed it out in the Martinelli thread when someone was crying about his difficulties.

That same guy was quick to call he who shall not be named a bad footballer with "no intelligence what so ever".

Saka needs to be careful saying this stuff outloud anyways because he thinks it's his fault but he's inadvertedly exposing the flaws in Arteta's setup.


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Sensational player really, his goals and assists are astounding...just there to make a difference all the damn time.

The only thing that (well it doesn't really, but the weirdos on here probably care about it) holds him back is he isn't very "aesthetically pleasing" on the eye compared to other wingers... doesn't do enough step overs, or spin in a full circle with the ball and then immediately kick it out of play for the "sauce gang" to rate him highly sadly...but he's a TOP CLASS player make no mistake.

He's kinda like Raul imo (though still has to reach that level obviously) but in terms of just being quality at everything without "looking perfect" at anything, he has that similar vibe about him.

Love him!


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Live, and the first couple of replays, of the Jesus goal, I thought it was shambolic defending and Saka should probably get some vague praise for causing havoc. The third time I saw it, damn, that was an intentional cut back. The kid just is that good.

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He destroyed everyone in front of him. His assist for Jesus running past a couple defenders and slotting it to him as he was going down was our best goal and action of the day. He isn’t Salah but definitely WC


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One thing this game confirmed is that Saka is a wide midfielder. For the fifth goal, he intentionally slowed the pace of the game to wait for Tomiyasu on the overlap. A Martinelli or a Salah would have turned on the jets and go directly toward the goal.

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-18 G/A in all comps so far this season
-Leading combined G/A in the CL
-First player ever to score and assist in his first three CL games

Now, our group hasn’t exactly been particularly challenging, but you have to give Starboy his flowers. He’s dominated the group stages of this competition.

What a guy. What a player.


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After the match last night, the female presenter mentioned to Saka that this was the 5th anniversary of his Arsenal debut...she told a story that after that game Saka said that he was so excited to play for us, that his mum had to send him to bed.

Bukayo played it of with a laugh, but you could tell he was absolutely fuming of that story being brought up again 😅

Man's staring for his club and country at the highest level, but he will never beat the "Saka is just an adorable 9 year old" gimmick ffs!

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