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Bukayo Saka: Saka The Net

Is Saka a world class player?

  • Yes definitely

    Votes: 54 37.5%
  • Close, he’ll get there soon

    Votes: 71 49.3%
  • No no at all

    Votes: 19 13.2%

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He's looking too predictable and flat footed. Seems to have lost speed. Wonder if his foot arches have collapsed like suspension springs on a car?


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He's looking too predictable and flat footed. Seems to have lost speed. Wonder if his foot arches have collapsed like suspension springs on a car?
Too predictable? He's an (elite) inverted winger. There's only three things he can do. Not counting option four of just deciding it's not on and recycling the ball back into midfield, which he does well, too.

1. Cut inside, and either unleash a curler or send a cross to someone crashing the back post. (Note: no one was crashing the back post yesterday).

2. Go to the by-line and flip in a cross with your weaker foot. (Note: this is pretty difficult when your starting CF is a generous 5'11").

3. Go for the dribble and try to split the double team, and create chaos. (Note: he is not easy on the eye, but somehow the ball just sticks to his boot in a way that doesn't happen for more renowned, attractive step-over merchants).

He did all three (plus some pretty good defensive tracking back). Whatever happened yesterday has nothing to do with Saka.

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Every time he does something extra curricular, like die his hair or invent a sauce, his performances tail off :lol:.

Get right Saka. We need you.


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He's looking too predictable and flat footed. Seems to have lost speed. Wonder if his foot arches have collapsed like suspension springs on a car?
He's had an Achilles problem since last season which obviously hasn't fully healed. I remember Koscielny was managing one for a while and if affected his acceleration quite a bit. He hasn't had the same burst in over a year now which is obviously a big concern at his age. I don't see how it gets any better without proper rest but the team is not built to accommodate that and he wants to play every match possible for club and country so this is what he is physically now.


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Palmer ****s on both of them based on this year’s stats. Does it make him World Class?
He's been exceptional this season, yes. But can he deliver on the European and International stage? Saka has. Cole hasn't or is unproven at that level, yet.. Saka is on his way to 2 consistently good seasons, this is Cole's breakout season...


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You’ve been right on a lot of your calls on the players anyway. Like foden vs saka for example, I’m not saying Foden is better all round (I still don’t think he is) but he is definitely more capable of He is Him moments than Bukayo and that’s basically what we lack right now.

You definitely coined xHim anyway. Or you said it and @OnlyOne coined it whatever lol
On Saka v Foden I proposed that Foden has the higher ceiling overall because you can learn consistency (which is what Saka had/has over him) but you can’t learn those xHim or gamebreaking ( :lol: ) moments, with that you kind of either have that in your game or you don’t.

I predicted that the Saka v Foden debate would get very spicy once Pep actually gave him consistent minutes as the constant rotation isn’t what a young player needs and it was hampering Phil, I’m pretty sure that I’ve never come out and said that Foden is straight up better, but you know what this place is like.

Still think they shouldn’t even be compared unless you’re just straight up talking about who’s better/worse. One is clearly a central player who’s had to develop out wide while Saka hasn’t sniffed the middle of the park yet.


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All these "limping comps" you see about our boy, heard Arteta is giving him a new ring to help him through this mocking...



But hearing Expressions new nickname for him though...




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Being a bit disrespected lately. Form is temporary and he gets run into the ground. This is very clearly THE issue

True tbf.

And yet all the rumors we hear ahead of summer are about a center forward. Frustrating that this goes on season after season without being addressed and rectified


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Another game where Starboy does nothing. Couldn't hack it against Davies on a yellow the first game and didn't do anything tonight.

But he's probably tired and run into the ground, as he always is when he fails to perform. In reality he has hit an atrocious run of form, which for me is unacceptable if you want to be called world class.

I want big performances from him in our last big games for the PL.

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