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Dortmund has all problems that you don't want in club. Poor mentality,tactic,few good players and not long term manager solution to solve things in right way.

It looks like all goes down to low quality of others Bundesliga teams and that's way Dortmund never fall down like in pre Klopp era.

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WTF? How's he still allowed to ref at any level nevermind refereeing the biggest game in German football? :lol:

I'm telling you there's so much corruption going on that we don't know about.


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Maybe they should blame Hummels instead of the ref? Dortmund knew before the game that Zawyer would be in charge and they didnt complain.

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Surprise surprise! Dortmund ****ting the bed against Bayern once again. This league is just hopeless against a not so invincible Bayern.

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Mainz, Bochum and Leipzig up at HT. Hertha and Freiburg draw. Bayern taking advantage even when they lose.

1-0 Hoffenheim

1-0 Leipzig

1-1 Freiburg

1-0 Mainz

2-0 Leipzig

1-0 Bochum


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Total disaster for Neverkusen against Frankfurt. They lost 5-2.

1-0 Leverkusen

2-0 Leverkusen

2-1 Frankfurt

2-2 Frankfurt

3-2 Frankfurt

4-2 Frankfurt

5-2 Frankfurt


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