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Sorry, double post before.

The Bundesliga is back today. Bayern lost against Gladbach at HT. They were missing their whole defence and you could clearly see it.

1-0 Bayern

1-1 Gladbach

2-1 Gladbach


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Freiburg, Hoffenheim and Leipzig up at HT, while Leverkusen and Furth draw.

1-0 Leipzig

1-0 Freiburg

1-0 Augsburg

1-1 Hoffenheim

1-0 Leverkusen

2-1 Hoffenheim

1-1 Union Berlin



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Sadly Lindstrøm placed the shot centrally, but man's just destroyed Can's career if it wasn't already.

Lindstrøm, just back from covid too. :shivering: :shivering:

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Crazy Dortmund! Come back from 2 goals down to win it 3-2.

1-0 Frankfurt

2-0 Frankfurt

2-1 Dortmund

2-2 Dortmund

3-2 Dortmund


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Dortmund destroy Freiburg. 4-1 FT.

1-0 Dortmund

2-0 Dortmund

3-0 Dortmund

3-1 Dortmund

4-1 Dortmund

5-1 Dortmund



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Hamburg has thrown out Cologne of the Cup. Double touch penalty from Kainz to get out :D

Meanwhile Pauli (1st in the 2nd League) is leading 2:0 vs Dortmund..


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
4 from the 2nd Bundesliga are trough and Bochum played in the 2nd league last year.

Hopefully not Leipzigs first title..

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