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Bundesliga Thread

The White Pelè

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WTF!? Bayern losing 4-1 against Bochum! Wolfsburg, Mainz, Furth and Gladbach win, instead.

1-0 Bayern

1-1 Bochum

2-1 Bochum

3-1 Bochum

4-1 Bochum


The White Pelè

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Leverkusen beat Stuttgart and cement their 3rd place.

1-0 Leverkusen

1-1 Stuttgart

2-1 Leverkusen

3-1 Leverkusen

3-2 Stuttgart

4-2 Leverkusen


The White Pelè

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Dortmund beat Union 3-0.

1-0 Dortmund

2-0 Dortmund

3-0 Dortmund

Hoffenheim-Bielefeld 1-0 at HT


The White Pelè

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Freiburg, Bielefeld and Hoffenheim win. Bochum draw, instead. Cologne-Frankfurt is 0-0 at HT.

1-0 Bielefeld

1-0 Stuttgart

1-1 Hoffenheim

2-1 Hoffenheim

1-1 Bochum


Yousif Arsenal

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Any good player from gladbach worth getting? Seem very broken club and likely getting relegated keeping like this

The White Pelè

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Bayern come back and win.

1-1 Bayern

2-1 Bayern

3-1 Bayern

4-1 Bayern

Dortmund beat Gladbach 6-0.

1-0 Dortmund

2-0 Dortmund

3-0 Dortmund

4-0 Dortmund

5-0 Dortmund

6-0 Dortmund

Leipzig leading Hertha at HT.


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