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Bundesliga Thread


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you can't explain this game.

it's literally Kobel vs Frankfurt, chance after chance
Nah it's Stegemann Vs Frankfurt. Kobel had a 10/10 game but Stegemann literally changed the rules for this game, I'm not even in the ground tonight and my voice is fully gone


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Moukoko already with 6 goals and 3 assists, sensational talent.

Would be a big blow if Dortmund can't keep him.


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Think only Schlotterbeck and Bellingham start for Arsenal if you do a combined team.

Their strategy of signing the best young talent and flipping them after 3 years was always going to fail at some point. Bellingham next summer will be their last big sale for a while I think. The likes of Reyna, Adeyemi, JBG and Moukoko are nothing special.

Add in that both Hummels and Reus are past it and will probably leave after this season and they won’t be competing for a long time yet.
Cross Schlotterbeck from this. He’s been terrible lately.

Dortmund are so bad.

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This game is nuts. Jude really pulling the strings out there.

His midfield partner and goalkeeper have been abysmal.
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