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Bundesliga Thread

Andrew Cole Linighan

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EIGHT GOALS for Bayern Munich. Harry Kane, Hatrick. ⚽⚽⚽
Bayern player Sent Off after 4 minutes. 🟥
Opposition had 2 players Sent Off. 🟥🟥

Quite an Eventful Match.


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Bundesliga bottom half is so fcking bad this season. The top teams are all very good this year and that makes it even worse for the bad teams in the league.


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Kane out of another trophy? Jeez if they don't win the league somehow..
Not just Bayern winning it, if Neverkusen of all teams actually go all the way this season this 100% proved curses are real and Harry Kane needs to see a witch doctor before something really bad happens.


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“Nah nah you guys are the experts go ahead and do your sh*tty jobs and talk sh*t you f*ckers” :lol:

I give the palpable disdain displayed by Tuchel a 9.5/10.


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It’s like a bunch of @jones just ripping each other ‘kin ell
Nah too passive aggressive for my liking, I'd have dropped how Lothars a n*nce somewhere in between.

Tuchel is very sensitive and a bit of a fairy obviously but tbf to him you could see what pissed him off was the headline that the coach and the squad were at odds with each other
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