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Bundesliga Thread


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We are going to Berlin!
DFB-Pokal finalists!

Also that’s 40 games unbeaten now.
What’s the unbeaten record in all competitions in Europe’s top 5 leagues does anyone know?
Could only find stats for league games not all competitions, for a top 5 league Bayern have the longest unbeaten run with 53 games, Arsenal next with 49.


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Hamburger SV choking yet another season in Bundesliga 2.

I enjoy watching Bundesliga 2 more than Bundesliga and it's completely unpredictable and any team can beat any team in any given match.

Bundesliga 2 has arguably more historically big clubs than Bundesliga, you've got HSV, Hertha, Schalke, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Kaiserslautern, Hannover & Nuremberg.


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Another team that has surprised me is Stuttgart. To be third at this time when they barely avoided relegation last season is a remarkable achievement. They are only 3 points behind Bayern!

Good write up here:
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Bayern are not favorites against Assna based on the current trends.
The Champions League is always its own story and Bayern's team is full of winners. Since they practically have no more opportunities in the Bundesliga, all bets can be placed directly on the Champions League. In the home game, you have to get the maximum result or else it can go badly in Germany.

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we have chance against bayern they so bad defensively but we also not experienced so outcome is difficult to predict


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As for Bayer Leverkusen, we are leading 1-0 against 10 man Union Berlin at the moment but we picked up 2 injuries. As things stand the lead increases to 16 points.


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Leverkusen can be champions next week against us, shame we have so many suspended and injured players. Otherwise it would be lovely to destroy their champions celebrations.


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Kane curse is real lmao

These guys are finished. Heidenheim even if they're new to the league are extremely gross to play against, basically 2010 Stoke on steroids but they barely score. To be two up and still lose against them is mental


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At the start of the season I did not expect we will win the Bundesliga at all. I was like, getting top 4 would be a good season. We will be champions next week. Granit Xhaka is making history!!!
So happy!

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