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Bundesliga Thread

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Well they had season that you rarely gonna have now they can focus on getting the treble maybe with Liverpool almost out from Europa they favorite to win it and the cup I don't think they gonna lose.

Oh and also maybe can go unbeaten this just rare thing to do

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Damn I never thought this is 1st ever league title for Leverkusen. That make it even bigger for Xabi Alonso.


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Kane can you show me one of these from your time in England too...


... asking for a Swiss friend!


Leverkusen Ultra
Part on recruitment of Xhaka in the athletic:

It was what Granit Xhakawanted. Xhaka is serious, profound and concise in every language he knows, and he has — in person — a glare that could cut glass.

“I like this coaching team’s intensity,” he told The Athleticin August. “They go full gas every session and that’s how we want to play this season.”

After seven years in England with Arsenal, Xhaka was lured back to Germany — where he played for Borussia Monchengladbach between 2012 and 2016 — by the opportunity to play for Alonso. He would play as a pure ‘No 6’ (holding midfielder) and hold an abstract role in the squad: “I have a feeling that this team is not at its limit yet. This is part of my job — to push the young players to the limit. It’s also to show them where the limit is.”

Simon Rolfes, Leverkusen’s director of sport, spent his summer before Saalfelden bucking trends. Leverkusen are known in Germany as a development club. Signing Xhaka, a player in his thirties, was an atypical move. As were the decisions to bring in Jonas Hofmann (31) and Alejandro Grimaldo (then 27).

Rolfes was happy with the talent levels, but before the 2023-24 season, he was after more structure.

“We needed more stability in certain positions,” he said just before leaving Austria. “We also needed to add experienced players to those we have, guys like Robert Andrich, Jonathan Tah and Lukas Hradecky, and to provide the team with more role models.”

Another club official tells The Athletic (on condition of anonymity to protect relationships) that the side needed more professionalism and togetherness in the dressing room. The recruits were expected to lead by example and break up cliques that formed around groups who spoke different languages and came from different backgrounds. “There was no animosity between these groups at all, everyone got on well. But we needed a more unified team,” the Leverkusen official says.

Xhaka’s presence, leadership and charisma were key to bringing more resilience onto the pitch. “Central midfielders are the heart of every team, they define how the team plays,” Rolfes says. “When we found out that Granit was potentially available, we saw it as a huge opportunity. Xabi and I flew to London to tell him we wanted him to play deeper for us, as a No 6, dictating play and tempo in the engine room. We both joked that we didn’t need to look at stats, videos or scouting reports to evaluate his game — because we had both played against him ourselves on the pitch.”


Captain Serious
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Part on recruitment of Xhaka in the athletic:
Agree with the gist of it and I always preferred Xhaka deeper, his role and performances this season was what I envisioned when we signed him in 2016.

Still these anonymous sources from the Athletic never sound right to me. Always exactly the stuff you expect their readers to want to read


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Cologne lost at home to Darmstadt. Thats pretty much their relegation confirmed and they aren't allowed to do signings.

Another big club in the 2nd league.


Leverkusen Ultra
We gone to Dortmund with nothing to play except for keeping the unbeaten record in tact and doing better than I expected so far.

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