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Bit strange we don't overrate him like we do with everyone that hasn't played in a while.
Mate, look at the Chambers (out) thread and everyone is saying he was our best defender before his injury. I think he was decent but because of the incredibly poor standard at the time people are overrating his performances. He did little wrong, but didnt bring anything special to the team. Definitely not a top4 quality player we need to keep.


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It's an ugly bump, but he's not with the u23 team so I'm gonna take all the glory and announce it first that he is leaving


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What's going on with Chambers? Late cameo last night, but not sent on loan and not starting games.

Doesn't get a look in at cb, rb or cm.


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Good to see him back, nice defensive stats for him today.

Greatly hindered our best player's attacking game today though so back to the reserves it is.


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Our best player today I thought. Such an intelligent player, excellent postional awareness, touch and decision making.

Should be our our starting RB.
I agree. He was good today. Almost scored the winner. That would have been nice for first game back. Hope he gets more game time.


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Could tell he wasn't match sharp but did well defensively and put in a couple of decent low balls into the box. Also actually offered the overlap which in itself makes him more viable than Bellerin at the moment.


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Always proactive which I rate about him. Makes himself available for the pass and opens his body up to play passes at different angles rather than having to constantly hit the ball down the line. Wouldn't mind seeing him partner Mari and see if we can defend more on the front foot with Chambers being capable of stepping out of defence and intercepting.

Luiz has his good games but games like today he was so lazy, rarely getting out of a sprint and allowing his opponent to receive the ball under little pressure.


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He was alright today. Saying he was our best player is damning with faint praise be cause the rest of the squad were pretty shiiite.


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Did decently. Attacking wise not much. 1 decent cross I can remember. But playing after long time. So it's ok.


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Real lack of pace in that position, against mane or son he would be tortured. Did well but against a really poor burnley.
Was only on for about 10 minutes today but his positional awareness is so much greater than Bellerin’s. One of the few positives of today’s match against Olympiakos.

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