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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by mood, May 19, 2006.


How would you evaluate Henry as Arsenal captain?

  1. Great captain.

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  2. Not bad, Vieira is better.

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  3. Terrible captain. Give it to Kolo Toure!

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  1. mood

    mood New Member

    The season is now over and lets all get our evaluation as Henry's performance as captain in his 1st season with the armband.

    He didnt start too well with it, but he's never done the job before. But as the season went on the captain role kept growing and growing on him.. especially in games like Real Madrid away where he was a true leader.

    He's always getting the team going now and you can see him shouting orders at times.. speaking to the refs and trying to keep the players up for it. And most importantly, he leads by example with what he's done for the team this season.

    With Henry now staying, it's great to see him lead the team into Emirates Stadium.

    He'll be more familiar with the role next season and will be even better.

    In my opinion, a better captain than Patrick Vieira.
  2. Army of Me

    Army of Me New Member Elite

    Moved, because we havent a had thread about Henry's captaincy for a good week or so ;)

    plus this could be good.

    My opinion, which hasnt changed all season, is that he's a great leader, role model and personality. I can think of only one other person I'd like to see captain, but even then he's a little humble to be captain just now (i'm talking about kolo btw).
  3. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    by his own admission he was injured at the start of the season, thats why he wasnt as good.
    he's a role model, thats why he's captain. he is the ultimate amassador for the club.
    hail captain thierry
  4. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    I've got to say it'snot often I change my opinion on things but over the last couple of months I've changed my opinion of Titi as captain.

    I did a piece in February called 'Fair Weather Captain' which basically said I thought Titi was a brilliant captain when things go well but not the type to pull us up by the bootlaces (partly because of him being a striker).

    He's grown into the role and whilst I stand by what I said at the time I wouldn't have written the article now.
  5. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    and as for the poll i didnt want to vote great and i didnt what to vote 'not bad'. he's a good captain. he's the type of captain that leads by example, he's a GOOD captain, and will get better
  6. invisibleman18

    invisibleman18 New Member Elite

    Quoted for truth. Was rather ordinary at first, but superb in the 2nd half of the season, coinciding with his return to his best form.

    Exiled, have you written up a post somewhere about your experience in Paris yet? Would love to have a read.
  7. Ricky_AFC

    Ricky_AFC New Member

    Overall this season he has been a pretty good captain. started off bad for whatever reasons but got better and better towards the end. Evens out as a pretty good captain this season, but i see him being a great captain from here on.

    He's grown into the role. That is definitely the best way to put it.
  8. cesc18

    cesc18 New Member

    hes taken his time but settled well as captain
    and should definitely be captain for next season
    besides stripping him of the captaincy
    isnt quite the reward for your best player staying at the club :lol:
    would love to see kolo get elevated to vice captain though
  9. Offy

    Offy New Member

    an absolute inspiration to our youngesters , its one of the reasons we reached the euorpean final, a terrific capatain, has grown and matured in this role in the course of the season ! what a guy ! :p more of the same Thierry!!!
  10. yayo77

    yayo77 New Member

    i agree with jester, i didnt really like any of the options in the poll.i also agree that he has grown into the role and i think he will only get better at the job.also, what a great example he has set by deciding to stay.
  11. Viper

    Viper Member

    At first, I thought defintely no. But no he has become a much better captain and it seems like everyone at Arsenal thinks Henry is a decent captain which is good.
  12. inspirational captain.

    ok difficult start, but he's proved us all wrong.

    legend legend biggest legend ever!
  13. Gooner for 60 years

    Gooner for 60 years New Member

    Thanks for saving my 2 finger typing time. 100% :wink:
  14. whoztheman

    whoztheman New Member

    at the time i thought your article was judgement made too soon on henry's captaincy. he was not in good form by his standards which contributed to the feeling he was a bad captain. he took time to adjust to his new role as leader of a young team but he had the qualites of being a good leader- anger, arrogance, humility(when he is not arrogant) plus he was the best player in the team and hence could lead by example on the pitch with his performances and off the pitch he would have been a dream player to play alongside for the "kids".

    the kind of perfectionist he is i think he can be better - as a player and also as a captain.
  15. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

    Where's Les Dennis when you need him? Our survey said: Quoted for Truth.

    I have probably been one of Thierry's biggest critics on this forum this season. At times he's been sensational, and others he's been irritating and infuriating. He may be an arrogant git, but he's our arrogant git, and he's the best player in the World.

    He's really grown into the role of Captain, nothing can prove that more than his attitude on Wednesday, and his interviews afterwards. His message to the fans on the flight home can be heard on Arsenal TV Online. It's one of those moments that makes you feel all warm inside.

    The only other thing that needs to be said: Kolo for Vice Captain!
  16. I was sceptical at first but now I definetly think he is a great captain and a great leader.
  17. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    He`ll be much better captain in following season.

    GUNNERS4L1FE Well-Known Member

    I wasnt so sure at the start but i feel that he has definitely grown into the position. for one he is far more vocal on the pitch and also encourages the players more
  19. famous no 10

    famous no 10 New Member Elite

    With you on all of that, but one thing I do see Henry being truly great at is motivating the team on the training field, they look up to him and respect him.
  20. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    He was a terrible captain, but he's a great captain now.

    As Exiled said, he used to be the kind of captain who was great when all went well, but moody when things weren't going for us. His performances as a captain at Bolton, Blackburn and Chelsea were atrocious, for example.

    Right now he's a great captain. He tracks back, he calms people down, he has stopped being so negative towards other players and is generally an inspiration to all of us. A much better captain than Vieira ever was, if you ask me. I can't stress how happy I am that he is staying.

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