Carabao Cup 4th Round: Liverpool v Arsenal | Wednesday October 30, 19:30 GMT | Sky Sports

Who will go through to the 5th Round?

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Would love to see a Guendouzi-Lucas-Willock midfield for this game, would love to see this midfield going forward...and not with Joe as a 10 but more a 4-3-3 Emery!


I'm not very optimistic about this game, don't know if LFC is going to play with there best players, or with the second-team. But for the confidence in the squad it would be good to beat LFC in there own stadium.


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This is one of the games we have to win.

Otherwise we will become the also-rans.


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I don't mind if we go further in this. It has no bearing on top 4, and doubt we'll win it anyway. I just want to see the B team in as many fixtures as possible.


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Bellerin Holding Mustafi Kola
Torreira Willock
Martinelli Auba Saka

Our B team is definitely stronger than Liverpool's B team. It is an away game though, so we could struggle badly again.

The state we are in right now I shouldn't really be expecting much but have a feeling we will win. Even more weirdly, somehow I can see Özil being brought back into the squad from the wilderness.
The display against Vitoria was a bit worrying, but perhaps suggests we underestimated them. I've not seen Liverpool's B team play, so can't compare.


Biggest worry for me for this and the upcoming games is that the fans can have very plausibly put the entire teams morale in the sh*tter after Sundays lynching of Xhaka.

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Bellerin - Mustafi - Holding - Kolasinac

ESR - Willock

Saka - Martinelli - Özil

Assuming Mavropanos isn't available. If he is, put him there for Holding.
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