Carabao Cup 4th Round: Liverpool v Arsenal | Wednesday October 30, 19:30 GMT | Sky Sports

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Problem is confidence going forwards to PL matches against Wolves and Leicester. We are already more than one game (>3 pts) behind the top 4, so next week is basically going to be a crunch week. Raul has said top 4 is what is expected this season.


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Some really bright points. Martinelli is unreal and this whole "pepe" needs to adjust thing need to look at martinelli. Willock was good in parts but some really wayward passing. Holding was really bad, mustafi was mustafi. Bellerin did well.

Özil was magic

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This is the end for Emery. You can't score 5 goals away from home yet still end up losing. Only a question of wether he goes soon, after Christmas or at the end of the season.
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I felt like it was a good penalty by Ceballos, the pool keeper just kept guessing and fully committed to every attempt. Unlike Martinez who only really "tried" on the final penalty.

I was really entertained, and at this point, that's enough.

We really cant defend, so why not just try to replicate this? Just go pedal to the metal and try to outscore the opponents. We have all the firepower in the world, but no defensive structure. Might as well play to our strengths, and the fans would be entertained, win/lose/draw.

Özil needs to play in the league. It was clear that we need his creativity. Can't believe he got subbed.


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Özil won today, Emery lost today
I said if Özil plays like today every week, he should be in the team. And I’m also on record of saying numerous times that Emery isn’t the man to lead us to titles. Don’t know what point you’re trying to convince me of.

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Liverpool 1st own goal (mistake) 2nd dive penalty but came after mistake 3rd goal well played ox 4th mistake stright at Martinez and he couldn't deal with it 5th good goal but mistake from mustafi and bellerin not attacking the ball and stand watching. So a summary we could easily avoided 3 goals but it's what it's this is Arsenal we just error prone team


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Still shocked by the fact that Kolasinac isn't able to play 90 minutes of football. Didn't look injured or something so he must have been exhausted. Pathetic for a professional footballer at his age.


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Your never going to win anything making so many mistakes at the back.

Said this last year and we did nothing about this in the Summer. Our CBs are ****.

Yea but it's not always defenders. Poor play from the midfield today Which allowed Liverpool back in the contest.
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