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Carabao Cup 4th Round: Liverpool v Arsenal | Wednesday October 30, 19:30 GMT | Sky Sports

Who will go through to the 5th Round?

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Hleb's Sirush

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Your never going to win anything making so many mistakes at the back.

Said this last year and we did nothing about this in the Summer. Our CBs are ****.

I still think we can't lay all the blame at our defenders feet. If we struggled to keep out goals whenever we came up against quality attackers then we could point at our defenders as not being at a good enough level. But when we are lucky to concede just 2 goals against the likes of Victoria and Watford and concede 5 against a Liverpool attack just containing Origi then we have to assume it must be the system.

Are our defenders worse than the likes of Sheff United? No chance they are, yet they don't concede too many goals.

Once we get a proper system in place in which we limit the opponents to a manageable amount of chances/shots at goal then we can debate properly how bad our defenders are.

At the moment in every single game they have to repel wave after wave of attacks. Even the best defenders will end up making mistakes if that happens.


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Still shocked by the fact that Kolasinac isn't able to play 90 minutes of football. Didn't look injured or something so he must have been exhausted. Pathetic for a professional footballer at his age.
He got injured in the tackle when he received a yellow card, was asking to be subbed directly after, took 10 mins to get him off,


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Just cemented the belief in our young players that no matter what, we are inferior to Liverpool. When was the last time we won there, 7 years ago! ****ing hell!


I cant remember any penalty saves.

How can you forget this legendary double save against Liverpool?

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