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Carabao Cup 4th Round: Liverpool v Arsenal | Wednesday October 30, 19:30 GMT | Sky Sports

Who will go through to the 5th Round?

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Man, to think football started so well during transfer season. :facepalm:
Officially all out of fecks to give, just thinking about riding out this season like a zombie now.


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It just feels like AW in the last two years minus the good attacking football. Just lost interest in this team till Emery is sacked. Our team has more experience and played together much longer but yet we concede 5 goals and lost.

Özil was brilliant


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Bottled it after going 3-1 up bottled it after going 4-2 up bottled it against Crystal palace after going 2-0 up..soo now we have bottled 2 goal lead 3 times in 6 days..Emery the tactical ****ing genius.


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Stayed away from AM last night as I didn't trust myself to post rationally.
In all honesty it was a cracking game, a proper slugfest.

i want Emery out but really i dont think last night was anything you can blame on him. Was just one of those freak games. Take away Mustafis own goal and Martinez’s chocolate arms and we would have won. That simple.


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Might have been a good game but we played a team where most players have proper PL experience and from their team I only saw a good midfield. Add to that that we had a 2 goal gap on them twice and that Klopp doesn't want to be in this cup and it's another great night for Emery.


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Arsenal's successful passes vs Liverpool
Özil 34
Torreira 27
Holding 22
Mustafi 20
Willock 20
Kolasinac 19
Maitland-Niles 17
Bellerin 16
Saka 14
Ceballos 13
Martinez 12
Guendouzi 10
Martinelli 10
Tierney 3

Alan Smith:
"When you see Özil in this kind of form, it does make Emery's decision to leave him out look like a strange one. He is making the team tick and has shown fantastic vision."

I'm not Özil’s biggest fan but you cannot tell me he is not good enough to get into this Arsenal team. He ran the game, his role in both goals was fantastic and he showed his class and composure"
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