Cedric Soares: Ocean's 17


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The man who no one even himself can believe was given a long term contract at Arsenal. Will he be able to finesse his way into other positions he shouldn't have? Surgeon Cedric? Prime Minister Soares? Supreme leader?



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Can someone please explain why we ended up with this guy? He gets to play on and off but by God he really doesn't bring much to the table.


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Wow only 2 posts so far this season :lol: felt he had an okay game. Nothing much attacking wise.. Was decent in defense. He seems to have a good vibe with all players especially the young ones. Idk what his wage situation is, but if its not really bad he can just run down 2 more years as back up. Not that many clubs will be interested in signing him though.

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The problem with Cedric was when he was being used as a starter. Now Hector's gone and Tomi's starting RB I've not issues with Cedric as his back up.

Solid if unspectacular squad player.

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