Cedric Soares (Out)


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In the space of one and a half years, we got this guy on loan for a few months, signed him for £8m on a lucrative 3 year contract (even though no one wanted him), and now we're looking to loan him to another club while part-subsidising his wages. :lol:
He was a free transfer, there wasn't a fee reported?


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You're right, no idea where I got £8m from
I think that was the Mari deal. Unbelievably, Cedric was signed on a 4 year contract as well... If they can loan him out it would be fine though, doesn't particularly matter about getting a fee which seems unlikely given the wages.


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Remember when AM sucked the life out of Raul? Even though i said him and Kia were doing fraud? And now we’re trying to sell their fraud players?

It’s more painful when you see it coming.

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I'd sell Bellerin and one of Cedric or Chambers. Don't really care which one. Cedric has a stupid contract, though, so would help if we could sell this guy.

I vaguely remember we paid a couple of million loan fee, is that right? Or am I conflating him and Marí?


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Oh goodie, we'll be able to enjoy more of Cedric's crossing into nowhere this season.