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Cedric Soares (Out)


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Why did they agree to give him 75k per week though? He was not in the age bracket that you could sell at a later stage.

I didn’t see any upside in giving him such a long contract.

Lastly he wasn’t better than Bellerin so he shouldn’t be commanding first team wages.
He was on half of that at Southampton where he was a backup. But all you have to look is who his agent was and how close he is to Edu. Willian, Mari and Cedric was all taking care CNN if a mates players

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Talking of Atlético... Would you take João Felix as CF here in the similar role Laca is doing? Rumors say he isn't happy at all with Cholo and Atlético.


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Surely not? This is too much excitement for one day. I'm a sploosh risk atm.


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No disrespect to him but getting his wages off the books is as good as most transfers. I felt sure we'd be stuck with him till 2024.

Give them their due they seem to be moving these bad bits of business on reasonably quickly. Pablo Mari next please. The squad is beginning to look in incredible shape, very important that we don't repeat these types of mistakes ever again.


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Players go, but the memoires of Vinai over-celebrating his debut goal...will last forever!



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He's a good team man as far as I have seen, especially bonding with the youngsters well. I understand the depth issues.. But this is a great (and probably only) chance to sell him and make some money... We got him for free :lol: but need to get a rb though. I'm not convinced with chambers as replacement. Ideally we sell both.

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I rather Atletico. Imagine if Newcastle bought him, we all would be devastated with you.

So.. do they think Cedric is as good as Trippier, or are they planning to downgrade?

It’s clearly a gigantic downgrade that Kia probably has some string pulling with.

Trippier has been our most consistent performer since he signed. Looking forward to seeing Cedric up against Sancho or Greenwood. Fun.

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