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Cedric Soares (Out)

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Another one of the few remaining players to have been at Arsenal when we have won a trophy, leaving 🫡

He will be missed.


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Only way he leaves is if we pay him. At his age he is not gonna walk away from his money


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Hope you the best in your new journey :bye::lol:, but please fvck off. I beg you 🤲


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Would we take Stefan Schwarz? Granted he's from Malmø, so he's practically Danish, still, as a Swede, is he in your social club?
At least Stefan had ambition. Man had a space clause inserted into his contract when he signed for Sunderland:

Because of Schwarz's publicly-expressed desire to become a space tourist, the club inserted a "Space Clause" into his contract, stating that if he were to travel beyond Earth's atmosphere his contract would become wholly invalid

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Can’t believe I stuck up from him! I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the haht!

Paulie had an incredible way of making everything about himself , im pretty sure he hand in Tony’s final demise

He was the most accurate portrayal of a mobster out of the entire lot.

Vain, arrogant, ill-tempered, oppotunistic, sycophantic & untrustworthy.

Having said that, he had some of the best lines in the show :lol:


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Edu working on this one exclusively for 28 days so far

Fingers crossed he gets it done soon and then he can start thinking about other deals

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Edu working on this one exclusively for 28 days so far

Fingers crossed he gets it done soon and then he can start thinking about other deals
It's tricky though as he has grown attached to Win & vice versa.
Cedric wants to take him to Turkey as part of the deal.

Arsenal could be prepared to sanction a move as some are worried the Loveable Lab may not live up to his name.

Disagreement currently over fee though as the cuddly canine is valued at 5 times the price of the former Portuguese international.🐶🐕

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Maybe we're doing another documentary and we'll see them celebrating this being done at the 11th hour on deadline day like when we paid Auba to go to Barca.
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