Cesc In Full Spanish Squad!!

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by MightyArsenal, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. brianfrance

    brianfrance New Member Elite

    Would love to see him play for Spain; But another point of view, 17 years old is very young. Remember what happen in the 97-98-99' for Ronaldo. He has paid his previous years of too much football too early. Definitely don't want that for cesc! So Spain Squad ok, but please in the coming years not 60 matches a season.
  2. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    wenger has said he will play 15-20 games this season if fit.

    i sort of understand why you would think cesc shouldnt play, and usually i'd prefer the more experienced option myself. but i truly believe cesc is better than edu and gilberto. rooney displaced heskey in the england squad despite little experience because he had more talent. i think the same should apply here. wenger should take any opportunity that sees the club moving forward and i think starting cesc would do that.
  3. brianfrance

    brianfrance New Member Elite

    That's good and anyway obvious, but in the coming years he may put on the bench both gilberto and edu, then play a lot. PL, Cup, CL, Internationals friendly and tournament (and I really see spain doing good in the next WC and Euro) > don't you see similar things with Ronaldo ? He was 18 years old when he was world champions and after that played many many for his clubs and for brazil. And then had somes empty years, with injuries, loose confidence etc...
  4. bobbypires

    bobbypires New Member Elite

    Sorry, it's friday. I don't know what day I live in. :roll:
  5. GlasgowGooner

    GlasgowGooner New Member

    The game is live on C5 for anyone intrested, the Scottish media think Reyes will start and they have been reporting forget Morientes and Raul - Reyes is the one that will rip Scotland apart.
  6. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    well, he's ripped EPL defences apart, so imagine what he can do to the Scots (sorry Ally)........
  7. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Raul seems to be injured though. Picked up an injury in the Real Madrid match vs Mallorca.
  8. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    Some would see that as a good thing. Raul should be dropped.
  9. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Well done to CESC however lets not burn the boy out. Im sure Wenger would be the best possible man around to make sure he gets the right development and in a few years time he will be our starting CM.
  10. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    Congrats to Cesc...he'll bring alot to the Spanish team.

    No one develops young talent like Wenger. He is one of the best, pure class managers in the world.
  11. gooner4eva

    gooner4eva New Member

    It would be good to see Cesc in Spanish 1st team but I dont see it happening till next year. He is still a bit light weight. His strength is his passing and the overall reading of the game. What he lacks is pace, physical presence and cant really tackle. He needs to work on those to boss the mid field. It is one thing to look sharp in the CM position against the lightweight opposition that we have faced till now, and another to keep up the same level against a full blooded football team, the likes of which we will face in CL. That will be his true test. Right now I believe we are going too much into a hyperbole over Cesc.
  12. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    being lightweight is more important in the league than the cl. the cl is all about technical ability as opposed to strength. physically, i agree cesc isnt fully developed. but you have to consider he has been up against keane, damien francis, boateng, tugay and gravesen and has done ok. cesc's technical ability almost makes it irrelevant.
  13. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    Like creamfloats inevitibly to the top of the milk, true genius will always excel. Cesc will be able to handle any level of competition and when it comes around to playing for Spain he will cope well with that too.
    Cesc is pure quality.
  14. gooner4eva

    gooner4eva New Member

    I agree with Cesc's on the ball ability. He is absolutely brilliant. I am more worried about what he does when he doesnt have the ball. He isnt much of a ball winner. Playing in CM, you need to get around winning the ball back. From what I have seen of him, he is enthusiatstic about his tackling but seldom gets the ball. He goes to the ground and gets out of position. We saw that against Quedrue, Huckerby.... My point is what chance does he have of getting the ball off a Trsitan, Zidane, Kaka.....
    Of course I am not being pessimistic about Cesc, he is brilliant no doubt, I just want to put everyone's adulation in perspective.
  15. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    cesc is more of an attacking midfielder anyway adapting to a new position as cm. he will learn to improve defensively as he continues to play that position. i also think he will be paired with a ball winner as is the usual combination in the top european teams e.g milan with gattuso and pitlo, valencia with baraja and abelda, bayern with ballack and frings/hargreaves. cec is very much in the mould of attacking midfielders like pirlo and ballack and those two players had to learn to improve defensively, which they have. cesc isnt the finished article by a long shot, but where he is now is an impressively high level for a 17 year old.
  16. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Patrick - fine comments my man.

    Arsène will give Cesc games in Europe this season. He has the technical ability to dismiss our questions over failure in the Champions League, which have largely been midfield problems. When our midfield does not pass like it can - in particular the CM's ala Inter at home (contrast with Inter away) we do not function aswell and support our fluent attacks. We need to support the attacks from midfield to break down stubborn European defences (big teams). Cesc, rather than Gilberto, and Angulo - have the ability to really make an impact for us over Gilberto and Ljungberg IMO (which i explained largely in the other thread).

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