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Loss Champions League Group Stage: RC Lens 2 - 1 Arsenal | Tuesday 3rd October | KO: 20:00 BST | TNT Sports

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We didnt care tbf why we played with our first eleven i really dont know but this was a disaster.

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What a ****ing blunt **** performance.

Arteta has removed almost all verticality from the side, for what reason… I don’t know.

Instead of the direct ball down the halfspaces which gives us direct access to the box, we ****ing go wide first. Because we want to give time to crash the box with numbers instead for the cutback ball.

Arteta needs to stop overthinking our attacking patterns, we need to respect time and diminishing spaces.

Absolute bull ****.


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Looked much better with Partey and Xhaka tbf.
But that’s because they… No, never mind

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Nothing to do with that. We take 0 risk, if we had our eyes on the weekend we'd be actually playing with risk and not give a fk for loss of ball.

We are just bang average and it's time to admit it.
When you're trying to get to another fixture unscathed you don't take risks. You coast and play casually. What you're saying makes no logical sense.


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Nelson and ESR should have started, left it for too late. Once they scored second they parked the bus and we looked clueless. On another note, i dont want ETH to be sacked. They somehow go for a good run with every change of new manager.


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Different ball game in Europe and we haven't quite cracked it yet. Some decent teams and crowds out there.

I don't think we played terrible but Lens played very well. We've made it trickier but I think we'll still qualify. Perhaps the wake up call will help us.
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