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Championship 23/24

Sapient Hawk

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Its now 5 points in 9 games. They were sixth when the clown joined but are now in sixteenth place.

You can't expect otherwise when you hire a man who looks like a background character in a "Wallace & Gromit" movie?


Negative Nancy

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They would be bottom of the league if you look at the table since he took over. Thank god for that good start they had


It’s Timo Time

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Now its 9 points in 13 games. Lets remember: Birmingham did perfectly fine before this fat grannylover arrived.

10 points in 14 games now. Kind of insane how much Rooney has destroyed that Birmingham team. It was 6th when he arrived ffs.


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It would be nostalgic to see Ipswich promoted, then again, considering that FA Cup Final....lets hope they flounder with Leeds.


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The real premier English football league I think if you want excitement and grit. Might make a permanent move to that league once we have won the league and CL. I think my mission as a supporter might be done then


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Leicester lost 3 of their last 5 now with West Brom and Southampton next.

Making hard work of coming back automatically.

Tir Na Nog

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This Leicester **** up needs to be studied, almost as bad as the time they somehow messed up CL qualification in 2020.
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