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Charlie Patino


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Patino is an incredible prospect tbf, I think he's the most likely of any of our current academy crop (including Azeez) to get in the first XI in the next 3 years.

At the same time, it was almost a foregone conclusion that this would be announced in the next few days, not sure it deserved 3 pages of "exciting news". :lol::lol:


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Must be something in the name Patino, Muigel Azeez....England's best prospect is called Sancho.

It seems the sexier the name the better the footballer.

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Glad it's happened but quite underwhelming all things considered. I hope to look back on this day as the signing of a club legend.


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The definition of "meh" really.

But looks a good talent, so we might look back at this as a big positive.

Don't blame the club, blame the gimp who tweeted... "hugely exciting news" for getting everyone's hopes ridiculously up :lol:


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Patino and Azeez are probably the best two young talents outside the first team. But generational talents is stretching it a bit.


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When Patino's contract was announced, I immediately knew that was Dave's announcement - given how glowing his recent article with John Williamson on Patino was.

He's a massive talent, arguably the best scholar currently - not sure it warranted the big noise on Twitter today but it's great news that he's signed pro.


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What’s the definition for generational anyways? To me, I always thought it meant a player or two that define a generation. Like Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, R9, Van Basten, Maradonna, Pele etc. But now any teenager that plays for a top 6 club is considered a generational talent ffs.

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