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They would be absolutely stupid to sack Poch. The second half of the season is already Top 4 Quality and the first half of the season could only be a disaster with all the changes they made in summer.

Looks like the team has settled in and only Boehly could stop it, if he decides to make another mess in the summer.


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I feel Chelsea are gonna be comfortably top 4 next season but not title challenge levels.


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Chelsea need to just stick with Gallagher-Caicedo at CM with Palmer at AM, Enzo doesn't have the legs this team needs to plug gaps, they play too open for him, he would be amazing for us or a more disciplined team.

Transfer window they only need a ST, and a GK. Focus on getting Lavia, Nkunku, James fully fit, that's basically 3 new signings for this team.

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This video talking about how Chelsea have actually benefitted from Enzo's absence too. They were forced to invert Cucurella and he flourished in that role allowing Gallagher to stay more advanced and in turn allowing Palmer to drift wide when he wanted.


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Looks like they found a loophole by selling their training ground to themselves. I feel boehly is gonna get things right and Chelsea are gonna be back sooner than we expect


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I hate this ****ing club probably more than anyone else, tbh.

A nothing team with racist undertones throughout their whole history, cheated to the top by dirty money from a Russian war criminal.

I hate that loopholes exist in this sport that allow them to spend what they have, fail...but still somehow come back when they absolutely do not deserve to.



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Whether this is good or bad long term depends how far you'd trust their owners.

Feels more like they're asset stripping Chelsea while hiding behind cash injections to cover PSR. So BlueCo become the owners of the training grounds rather than the club.

The subtle difference being that should they decide to sell the club, Chelsea wouldn't have any training facililtiies. BlueCo would be free to turn it into apartments or sell at an inflated cost to the new investor.

From what I see deals like this rarely end well, they basically need Todd to be Roman Mk.2.


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Interesting season, they've underperformed massively but will probably finish 6th which isn't too bad at all.

If I'm Chelsea I sign one or two players in the summer max while clearing them out.

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