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Chelsea FC: Enzo’s A Messca


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Are managers allowed to have hair anymore?


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Someone on reddit translated it
[–]KatalanMarshall[S] 2971 points 6 hours ago*
For reference, these are the full lyrics:
"Listen, spread the word;
They play in France, but they are all from Angola;
How nice it is! They are going to run;
They are 'cometravas'* like ****ing Mbappé;
Their mom is Nigerian;
Their dad, Cameroonian.
But in the document ...Nationality: French".
*cometravas is a slang term that loosely translates to someone who likes ****ing transgender people. Come means to eat which is used to talk about ****ing someone and travas is short for transgender
Shocking lyrics lmao. Wild how Mbappe having the temerity of being black and hyped up has them seething so much.


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Someone on reddit translated it

Shocking lyrics lmao. Wild how Mbappe having the temerity of being black and hyped up has them seething so much.
Not shocked tbh - quite a lot of racism in Argentina and there's a lot of massive scumbags in that squad. Hope Disassi breaks Enzo in training. Someone should re-tweet tagging all the relevant people in the Chelsea squad, becasue there re a few...Disassi, Fonfana, Badiashille, Nkunku immediately spirng to mind, but there may be others....


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The song is actually called mbappe is a F@got if you can believe it. I’m glad we don’t have an argie playing for us and with Chelsea having several French players it will be interesting to see their reaction


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There's something about racism and Spanish speaking countries. It feels like racism is so normalized that they themselves don't realize when they are being racist. I have personal experience with this from when I lived in Barcelona.

Yeah it's weird. Can't say I understand why but I remember this also came up when Suarez called Evra the N word in Spanish, tons of native Spanish speaker insisted it wasn't racist etc.

It feels almost like innocent in a naive way but also incredibly toxic, super weird.

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