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Chelsea FC: I’m Sorry Nic Jackson, FFP’s Real


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They will probably get a fair bit of interest and decent coin for the likes of Gallagher, Loftus-Cheek, Broja and Mount.

I think they will struggle to get much for the likes of Auba, Pulisic and Ziyech.


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Remember when certain people were twerking for Todd, eviscerating Edu for failing to get the mercenary/trendy/****** buy over the line? Murdyk was the type of buy we should be closing, a big club would according to some. And further saying how Trossard wasn’t the kind of buy that could impact a title run. The one that really ticked me off was when i won’t name names; were saying unless EDu could not sign Rice for god knows what after he failed lol to over pay for Murdyk, and Caicedo that he should be let go because he isn’t good enough to waste 100 million of Stan’s money on tossers with 12 career goals.

I told you guys the firesale is coming:

Fire sale no choice unless you want to pay people millions to sit in stands and watch. We should look to strengthen our bench at their expense. They will be over the barrel this summer with no choice but to sell or just to pay a bunch of disgruntled multimillionaires to watch football at home

Now months later, what i told you SKy is telling you.



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They’ve stitched him up with the headline there

The whole opening paragraph sounds like some erotic story

Some of my teammates call me Donkey.” A grin creeps across Kai Havertz’s face. “It’s not because of my football,” the Chelsea forward adds, as if he needed to. Instead, he says, it is something deeper


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Chelsea face having to raise substantial amounts of cash by selling off players this summer to avoid breaching the Premier League’s financial rules next year after reporting large losses for a second successive season.

The club reported a loss of £121 million for last season, despite making a large profit on player sales, and that followed losses of £153.4 million for 2020-21. They said government sanctions imposed on their former owner, Roman Abramovich, had had an impact on the financial results.

Although the club say they have complied with the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules for this year, Chelsea have spent heavily in the transfer market, splashing out about £600 million in the past two transfer windows, and prize money is expected to drop after a relatively poor season on the pitch.

The transfer spending can be spread out for accounting purposes over the length of each player’s contract in a process called amortisation but it will still go down as significant expenditure, as will each new player’s salary on the wage bill.
Kieran Maguire, a football finance author, said the club would be “dancing on the head of a pin” to try to avoid breaching the Premier League’s financial rules this time next year, which allow maximum losses of £105 million over a rolling three-year period.

This three-year period includes 2019-20, when the club made a £32.5 million profit, but that will have dropped off when the Premier League calculates the figures in 12 months’ time and will be replaced by the club’s financial figures for this season up until June 30, 2023.

Maguire said Chelsea might have to raise large sums from selling off players to avoid breaching the rules. Last week the Premier League charged Everton with breaching its profit and sustainability rules after three seasons of heavy financial losses.

“The one thing Chelsea have in their favour is that they have a very large squad so they are in a position to raise money by selling players in the summer,” Maguire said. “We have already seen speculation about Mason Mount and Conor Gallagher being sold.”

If Chelsea do need to sell players to comply with the rules, they will need to do so before June 30, so that the income is included in this season’s accounts and they can work out how much they need to bring in to avoid a charge. Everton tried to escape a charge for breaching the rules by selling the Brazilian forward Richarlison to Tottenham Hotspur for £60 million last year, but in vain, though they insist they are confident they will defend their position before a disciplinary commission.

After Abramovich was sanctioned in March last year because of his reported links to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, Chelsea were placed under a special licence that restricted their ability to sell tickets, accept event bookings and even sign contracts with players.

The restrictions remained in place until the end of May, when a new consortium led by the American businessman Todd Boehly completed its takeover of the club. Chelsea may try to claim those restrictions have had an impact on this season.

The club said in a statement: “Some of these limitations are also expected to have an impact on the financials in the following years due to the long-term impact from restrictions on entering into new contractual arrangements.”

Turnover increased to £481.3 million from £434.9 million the previous year despite the sanctions, and a profit of £123 million was made on player trading, but increased player wages, lower Champions League income and a “knock-on impact” from the Covid pandemic offset the higher revenues.


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Horribly run football club. Praying for a points deduction if they fail to comply 🙏

This means they’re priority for the first part of the window will be shifting players, no way they’ll risk bringing anyone in when they’ve got this hanging over them.

Think both us and them will be after similar players: Rice/Caicedo/MacAllister ect. We need to get in early and get who we want whilst they’re still trying to flog players.


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They will probably get a fair bit of interest and decent coin for the likes of Gallagher, Loftus-Cheek, Broja and Mount.

I think they will struggle to get much for the likes of Auba, Pulisic and Ziyech.

Selling players is always easier said than done. It happens a lot on here where guys say we’ll get X amount for these 5 players, it just never works that way in reality.

I’d be surprised if they can shift all of those guys by the end of June.
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