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Chelsea FC: I’m Sorry Nic Jackson, FFP’s Real

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Deduct enough to keep them slightly above the relegation zone but far below that any hopes of combating FFP by reaching the European spots is a pipedream.

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Can't believe a club that obviously cheated, cheated to be honest.

Just gotta hope English football (and football as a whole) can recover from this one and only scandal 🙏


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So in American college football and basketball (corrupt beyond anything UEFA can even imagine) there's this thing called "self-imposed penalties". Team is under investigation for various improprieties, and rather than fighting the obvious, they say "hey, we're self-imposing a scholarship reduction and voluntarily disqualifying ourselves for post-season play for the next season or two. Will that be punishment enough?" It usually is.

If Chelsea had any sense, they'd cop to everything in return for a 20-point reduction and the slate is wiped clean, in the one fluky season a 20-point penalty is almost certainly survivable. Hell, this should be the season for any club with something dodgy on the books to come clean in return for a points penalty, the bottom three are so dire.
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