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Chelsea FC: Pochetti-No More


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Gutted it's 2 years trophyless for you father Riou...


...really feel for you here!


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What's the difference between him and Havertz? I guess you can't call his runs "intelligent" because he's black? :shivering:

Havertz isn't spunking this many chances to be fair. He's definitely smarter, because he hides so avoids criticism.


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The saddest thing is, and I don't think I'm the only one thinking this way, I'm just numb and no longer care.

Scott, are we are an established mid table side now, are we likely to attract a good quality coach these days .?

Everything is a f**king mess .

I think even @Gol15 would have to agree that Declan Rice has been awesome for them tonight. He has been everywhere. Levels above Caicedo as an all-round player.

5-0 hammering and Petrovic our best player.

Probably the most dismal capitulation I've ever seen from a Chelsea side. Pathetic second-half performance.

Yet another nadir of the Clearlake era. Worthless human beings, f**k the lot of them.

We had 8 internationals on the pitch and people will still tell us the players are the only problem.

Conte was able to make an average player like Victor Moses who most people didn't care about at the time turn into a world beater. Tuchel took an underperforming team to a Champions League final and won it. Truth is that good managers can work with what they have and this squad is more than enough for a good manager to put in top 6 even whith injuries.
What feels worse is that we took points off City and handed them to this lot.
Arsenal really lack ambition, thought they wanted to the title? Not even trying to score more.
What feels worse is that we took points off City and handed them to this lot.
Palmer should have stayed at Manchester City and fought for his place. A horrendous decision by him.
People clamouring for Palmer in here, he's good but there's nothing he can do about the Monaco chuckle brothers at the back. Poch set this team up like sh*t, we look no better now than we did at the start of the season. He HAS to go, f**k continuity, if you make a mistake then rectify it!
glad I stopped watching at 2-0
5 down and we play sideways passing in the centre of the pitch!
Keeping the ball prevents them from scoring more. It's a genius Pochettino tactic
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What is this new trend on twitter about looking between letters on a keyboard? This is the first one I actually get. Any ideas what the others mean?

The other ones are usually actual acronyms.

Like JK stands for just kidding (between H and L)
Like G stands for Gangsta (between F and H)
Like O stands for O, between I and P.


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